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Our world is full of potential. You get offers everywhere on how to improve your character and become a better version of yourself. Everyone says, “All you need, is already inside you.” Yet in the end you have no idea what to do next. But you want to know so dearly what is right for you.

There is no time like the present

I know my clients love it to get a deep and detailed view into their true potential. They want to see what is truly inside of them.

With your birth chart in relation with the current planetary constellation, we learn more about the present cosmic influences and upcoming astrological events. We can bring to surface what is important for your urgent life questions.

Together we find out what are your given gifts since birth and how you transform your assumed weakness into personal strength.

But where lies the strength in business, how comes joy back into your daily work? Can you solve personal conflicts quick and easy?

Be self-determined

The way out of unconsciousness, is to go right into self-determination and create life out of consciousness. What happens on the outside is a mirror of your inner world. Raise your voice and let the world hear you.

Your business will evolve in direct connection to how far you want to go. Your work will fulfill you, if you shine bright like a diamond. Relationships will be more harmonic, if you remember who you truly are. Take a look and show yourself.

The deep understanding for yourself is related to a complete new quality in your relationships, with whom most dear to your heart. We can take a look a your partner’s or your child’s birth chart to create more intimacy, sympathy and more harmony with one another.

The birth chart is a treasure map. Big and small gems are hidden. They want to be found so they can finally start to sparkle.

Are you getting curious? Then I am very happy to welcome you to the world of physiological astrology.

Your Aura

Psychological Astrology can help you...

• If you are open for a new direction in your life and if you want to take the responsibility for your personal needs. The only person who knows what is best for you, is yourself.

• If you want to be more aware of your gifts and to get to know yourself more.

• If you are ready for the next step in your life, your business or your relationship but you don't know how to get started.

• If you want to create a new and deeper relationship with your partner.

• If you want to understand your child better and to be more harmonious with each other.

• If you want to understand your mother better and to give your relationship a new direction.

Trust us

I love how my clients come to me with an open heart and a curious mind. They want to move something, a significant change, because they feel that there is more for them to create and achieve in this life. Those are the perfect circumstances to procure a deep transformation.

How we find your potential

For our journey to the stars we need:

your day of birth
your place of birth
your time of birth

To analyze your partnership and/or the mother-child-relationship, we need the data of all involved persons.

Use the new time quality for your benefit

The time we live in now, is very exciting. In Astrology, we have multiple new cycles. They start and end at almost the same time. The variety of possibilities is endless. In my experience, my clients have one question of burning importance. It is about the next step in their business, their job or their relationship. They wonder if they are still on the right path concerning their personal life, business, job or relationship.

How would it feel like for you if we figure out your individual perfect fit? In this exact moment, with the cosmic events, for your here and now. Miracles happen, when we make new and different decisions. Reclaim your power. The only true opportunity to create change, is the present moment.

The magic of Psychological Astrology

We do not generate a boring birth chart with multiple pages of complicated explanations, only to let it disappear in a dark drawer. Your potential would be asleep forever. What matters most to me is self-awareness and clarity.

The stars of the current time in connection with your birth chart, tell us everything we need to know. We focus on the essentials, to find flexible solutions for your questions. Psychological Astrology works in a holistic way. Our parents or ancestors may still carry hidden issues from the past. Those let us live out old patterns, that do not belong to us. We dissolve what is not yours. Obstacles the stars gave you, can let you grow. Let's turn your so called flaws into your secret weapon. If you use your given treasure map right, success is the only option. You start to live your full potential.

Write down all your questions, who long for an answer. My preference is to do the session via Skype. We can have session via Zoom, also. In this case I provide you with a time limited link to the session. After our appointment, you will get the whole session as an audio file. So you can listen to it over and over again, as much as you want.

To book an appointment please call me or send an Email. I am looking forward to accompany you for awhile on your path.

Yours, Monika Fechner

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I am grateful each and every day for the reliable and quick help and inspiration provided by Psychological Astrology.

My clients know, if they act in a responsible way and honor their needs and feelings, they can change their life completely.

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