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About me

My education in Psychological Astrology began in autumn 2006 with Hermann Meyer. After 3 course units, already, it became clear that the next best step for personal growth was to go and live abroad asap. So, I applied for a job abroad and was promptly hired. My stay abroad led to a huge personal breakthrough I am still very grateful for.

During the following years, I continued my studies for Psychological Astrology in seminars with Wilfried Schütz and I did an education in psychology at Christopher Ofensteins institute.

Books from Hermann Meyer, Howard Sasportas,Liz Greene and many more inspire me in my daily work. My favorite book at the moment is Stephen Arroyo´s „Astrology Karma and Transformation – The inner dimension of the birth chart. The author describes how Psychological Astrology can give you the opportunity for transformation.

All this knowledge and experience unites in my work.

The possibilities life gave me, showed me that if you do something in alignment to your soul and kosmos, you cannot avoid success. 

I know very well, what it feels like to be desperately stuck in a situation to an extent that you cannot move on without help. 

I am grateful each and every day for the reliable and quick help and inspiration provided by Psychological Astrology.

My clients know, if they act in a responsible way and honor their needs and feelings, they can change their life completely.

Psychological Astrology provides you with practicable solutions in individual one-on-one counsellings and on long term with Astro Mentoring in the following fields:


Discover your potentials and powers in

  • Business and private
  • Partnership
  • Mother-child Relationship
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